Native mobile APP + Multilingual Social Media Marketing

Take advantage of your mobile APP and creative Social Media campaigns to acquire new customers and retain those you already have. No activation costs, no subscription, no deposit.

Unleash the real potential of your company with this Social Media and Push notifications package thanks to this amazing digital offer.

First step: building your APP

1. We develop your APP per iOS e Android.

Having a business mobile APP  immediately brings two advantages:

1) You’ll boost your brand. You’ll add more value to the perception of your company.After all, which of your competitors has an amazing APP? Having an app today is synonymous with a “healthy company” that focuses on innovation. Your app will also be available and downloadable for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play store!

2) The second advantage is  highly functional. Your app allows customers to have your business literally within reach. They can book, buy and request information. And you can use the push notifications to inform your customers in just a few seconds about your latest offers!

Multilingual Social Media

2. The real opportunity for the future of your business

Today, promoting yourself through social media has become a priority. The continuous growth of mobile devices that make the use of social media more frequent and immediate have created the most powerful channel for promotion. We offer you a competent, reliable multi-language Social Media service to reach not only the Italian but also the foreign market. 

Mobile App + Social, your winning match!

3. Take advantage of current trends: Mobile Marketing + Social Media Marketing.

In a single promotional package we offer you both the realization of the mobile APP and the management of social media business accounts. With these tools you can really get your business off the ground, acquiring new potential customers and retaining those you already have. 

No, it’s not a dream, it’s an offer you cannot refuse!

  • Development of the mobile APP for iOS & Android
  • Publication on both  App Store (Apple) &  Google Play
  • Unlimited Push Notifications 
  • Gestione Social Media (Facebook e Instagram o Linkedin) per 1 mese.
  • Multilingual Social Media Marketing 
  • Free preview of the offer
  • No activation cost
  • No monthly subscription

No surprises, no hidden conditions. We believe in the quality of our work and we value transparency so we let you try our services, before buying at the incredible price of 689 € (one-off price!)

About Us

Weexpo is an Italian web marketing agency. We help companies to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones. We support them in every step, from the creation of the website and the mobile APP for iOS & Android Store to the tailored advertising commercial campaigns.

P. IVA 03583930783

Working hours: from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Contact Us

Reggio Emilia - Cosenza


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